Construction: armature arises

Jul 26, 2011 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Construction, News

Here are a selection of the latest pictures from the workshop where PALACES is taking shape… you can see the towers rising ever higher and adopting their unique shapes, each one totally different from the other. The exterior is undergoing daily moulding and manipulation to mimic organic growth, with the additional help of poured resin for a cooled lava effect. Most striking of all is the central archway, large enough to put your head inside once on display and view the rows upon rows of teeth nestled like jewels within. Onwards and upwards!


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  • It looks like it realy has some magnificent potential! I can’t wait to see what the structure will look like when
    it is finished. Im sure that is a totally unique project, especialy as you are using teeth! Unusual though the palace is I personaly think that it will also be inspiring. Hopefully in the coming years we will see many more things like this!…

  • Thank you Ruth – 6 days to go before the opening at the Bluecoat. Yes lets hope it is inspiring for people who see it as much as it has been for the people working on it. We are on radio 4 Today program on the 8th Dec – try to catch it if you can and please come and see it…

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