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The Palace was featured in The Guardian’s Northerner Blog by Martin Wainwright, encouraging children to both visit and donate their teeth to the Tooth Fairy’s “Palace up North”, which is currently in Manchester, at the Museum of Science and Industry. Although the Manchester Science Festival has come to an end, the Palace will be in the city until 27th January 2013.

“Why? (The first question all children ask). Well, it’s partly art, darling, and partly to highlight some scientific issues which may not engage little ones – though they could trigger a torrent of further questions – but are interesting for the rest of us.”

Martin notes the significance of milk teeth in relation to stem cell research and laments having no baby teeth of his own to donate, so maybe you could make up for this by donating a few of your own and hopefully, making him feel better.

“As disposable body parts, milk teeth have particular potential for stem cell research… I wish I had some to give. I have got my wisdom teeth in a box somewhere but they are hideous and large.”

To read the full article on the Guardian’s website click here.


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