A palace? Made of teeth?

Palaces is a magical sculpture by artist Gina Czarnecki created using donations of milk teeth from the public. The Palace will grow over time like a cluster of stalagmites or coral, to form a fantastical palace-like structure made of thousands of milk teeth.

We need your milk teeth in order to create the Palace!

The Palace base-structure in clear crystal resin

Why teeth?

Teeth are one of the parts of the body we lose naturally, and their loss is a sign of growth and development rather than decay. Different cultures have different traditions about where these teeth go, and what they are used for.

Scientists are also exploring how milk teeth can be used as sources of stem cells for helping the body to regenerate.

the palace entrance – come inside….

Where will my tooth go?

Your tooth will be carefully looked after by our own tooth fairy until it is ready to be added to the Palace, along with the thousands of other milk teeth donated.

As the Palace takes shape, it will be exhibited at arts and science venues across the country.

We need your milk teeth in order to create the Palace!


the palace will be encrusted with teeth


Can I send any teeth?

We only need a single milk tooth – milk teeth are your first set of teeth that you lose naturally, around the age of 7. You may have some left over from when you were a child, or you may just be losing them right now! There is no deadline or closing date by which to send your milk teeth at present as the sculpture is intended to take shape over time, with more being added at each stage of the tour on a regular basis. However, the sooner you send, the sooner they can be attached and form part of PALACES.

How do I donate my tooth?

If you would like your milk tooth to be part of the Palace, simply download this form, fill in your details, and send it with your milk tooth to:

[to come]


SELLOTAPE your tooth securely to a piece of card, and place along with this form in a STRONG SEALED ENVELOPE. Don’t forget to leave a note for the Tooth Fairy under your pillow, to let her know you are giving your tooth to the Palace!